Out of the Crooked Timber of Humanity

by Zero Again

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TRAGEDY. DEATH. PAIN. Suffering, grief, hopelessness Heightened senses, a tightened noose With innuendo and subtle spin The media paints the nation’s mood Paralysed by an irrational fear The oligarchy sits and gloats We cower away from the hidden truths Stay in our homes, never rocking the boat Tragedy, death and pain… our salvation once again Dial in emotions with death and blood A new threat’s knocking at our door A viral zeitgeist of unseen terror Social distanced forever more
NO ONE TO MOURN We are all disposable, all left to die alone Bodies left in corridors, with no one round to mourn Echoed footsteps passing by, en route with forms to file The silence is uncomfortable, paying respects has been denied Our passing marked on tally charts, and muttered through strangers’ lips No one knew our inner strength, or how long we maintained our grip Drained by this society, by day, by month, by year Everything we had and loved removed as memories disappear
Husk 00:52
HUSK Hollowed out by an endless indifference My senses are blunted by time Can’t see no difference between right and wrong And I’m too tired to care for too long Husk Husk Empty shells searching for meaning Hoping that others will see Just futile caskets of blood, flesh and bone Our ambition dies with us, unknown Husk Husk
Covid Dreams 01:24
COVID DREAMS Man sits upon his pale horse Bleached bones line the road ahead Stretching into a distant setting sun Heading straight towards oblivion Quarantined Isolate Covid dreams Lie in wait Our Earth dies, choking and alone Drowns in the syrup within her lungs Clogged with the filth of industry Lack of foresight is our deadly disease
HOPE YOU’RE PROUD? Is this why you signed up? Is it everything for which you strived? The honour you swore that you’d achieve Will never be realised They are the trusted authority They’re here to enforce the law You have no need to worry As long as you’re rich and white Don’t drop before me on bended knee Don’t need subservient empathy No respect for those you serve And time again, the blind eye fucking turns ACAB! A history of sadistic violence Ensures that we all comply Accountability is one sick joke Billy clubs keep us in line


Blend musicians from bands like Warwound, Regret, Bring To Ruin, Grand Collapse and you get Zero. Zero Again! Bristol's absolutely all-new band that lockdown produced in 2020. A unique mixture of fast and not so fast hardcore punk, aggression and frustration. A proper debut EP.


released January 1, 2021

Recorded October 2020 at Alpha Delta Studios, Bristol, by Danny Guy
Mastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory
Artwork by Olga J'13 Kisielewicz




Sanctus Propaganda Poland

DIY punk record label releasing the old and the new.

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